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The Folks Behind the Cameras

Meet Thibecs 


Hi! We're Thiago and Becca. We were both born in Brazil, from different cities but met when we were kiddos at church in Maryland, USA (talk about fate). We have been married for 4 years and currently live in Richmond, VA. Photography & videography has been in our lives even before we were together as a couple. I would use my dog as a model for years then gradually started asking family members to do photoshoots! Thiago owned probably 3-4 Canon Powershots (remember those?)  When we are not having the best time filming or taking pictures, we're barbecuing with our family or watching some Disney movies. 


You're probably thinking where in the world did the name "Thibecs" come from? Welll.....when Instagram became a thing in 2011, we wanted to make a joint account. So, we needed a name. Thiago put Thiago + Becca together and gave us our own couple name kind of like Kimye or Brangelina. Everyone we knew started calling us Thibecs when they would see us and it just stuck ever since. 

True story: A girl we met at church was actually shocked that my name was Becca. She was convinced that my name was actually Thibecs. Don't ask me why! 

We started at Thibecs Production FULL-TIME in 2020 but we've been so blessed to have been filming for over 10 years. We absolutely love our job because we get to meet AMAZING couples & create a timeless piece to cherish FOREVER! 

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