The Folks Behind the Cameras

Meet Thibecs 

Hi! We're Thiago and Becca. We have been married for 4 years and currently live in Richmond, VA. Photography & videography has been in our lives even before we were together as a couple. Becca would use her dog as her model for years then gradually started asking family members to do photoshoots! Thiago owned probably 3-4 Canon Powershots (remember those?)  When we are not having the best time filming or taking pictures, we're Brazilian barbecuing with our family or watching some Disney movies. 

Where did the name "Thibecs" come from? When Instagram first came out in 2011, we wanted to make a joint account. So, we needed a name. Thiago

put Thiago + Becca together and gave us our own couple Kimye or Brangelina. 

"Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe the level of talent that these two have! Our wedding video was better than we could have ever imagined and we can’t stop watching it! I will definitely be recommending them to anybody I know looking for a videographer!!"

-Danielle, Bride



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